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Think differently. Act differently. Grow your new chemistry idea with us.

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Fulfilling your desire is our passion.

Technical Support

We capture your need and provide the best solution. We keep our expertise ready with novel things.


Our utmost goal is to ensure the manufacturing of eco-friendly products which comply with global standards.

Built-in Quality

Quality is part of our DNA. More than a promise it is our genuine performance.

Commitment to Our Customers

Proving the best customer experience is always our priority.

Continuous Development

Progress is impossible without change, our culture supports doing the much-needed change to develop together with our stakeholders.

TOLL Manufacturing

Our infrastructure provides you with the best service for your extra capacity needs.

The First Stepping Stone

With a 40 year history in chemical manufacturing, we have projected our business in different faculties of industries. With great precedence in innovation and technology we were able to create many diverse products. From our first plastisol inks systems to specialising in a variety of water based products to the launch of PU based inks, we have the opportunity to create diverse products in our state of the art manufacturing facility.

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We serve many world renowned apparel brands by providing them the best total printing solutions.


Antler’s versatility lies in supporting their needs by managing the warehouse needs on Antler products. The precise management of the warehouse aid in stabilizing the customer’s need to spend ludicrous sums of money on importing inks within a short period of time.

Custom Solutions

With a creative R & D team, Antler is capable of providing customized solutions to meet the customer’s requirements. These solutions often comprise of new products or changes in the current products to meet the market demands.

World renowned supply chain partners

Antler General Industry considers the quality of the product as their prime priority. Hence we partner with the world most renowned suppliers to ensure and sustain the quality and excellent delivery.

State of the Art Laboratory

Antler has its own laboratories for their research and development teams. All the laboratories are monitored and managed with novel and productive technologies such as particle size measuring, colour matching technologies and rheology testing.

International quality standards

International quality standard is a part of Antler culture. Hence Antler General Industries have aligned its priorities according to international norms and standards. These are adhered not only to Antler products but also to its processes.

Our Applications

At Antler General Industries we help our clients tell their stories with intelligent Branding and Marketing services that create loyalty, value and competitive advantage.Our All Designs are completely customization, so you can remodel them to suit your own manner and requirements.

Ink Technology
of Srilankan Culture

The Sigiriya Rock is a proud evidence of how beautiful and magnificent Sri Lankan painting can be. These Ancient Fresco's in the Rock Fortress are recognized as a World Heritage site. In ancient times, natural pigment from various elements such as minerals, plants were collected to create these beautiful art. Artists of these eras used charcoal sticks with great precision to design & colour with hand made natural pigments made by them. Like many of the different craftsmenships erected in the ancient times, these great artists were the chemists from whom we derive our heritage.

Our Brands in Connection

To us at Antler, brands are more than just a logo or a tagline. Brands represent the core of your business idea. We use branding to differentiate, to highlight and to stay relevant. All the designs are precious tools for us to emphasize your brand to stand out from the crowd. And that is what makes us the best from the rest.

Our Partners

We are committed to all our professional partnerships to grow together Our partners have worked with us to deliver innovative, effective and successful ink products and their support has been vital in achieving our mission and vision.