Our Products

IRIDESCENCE Inks integrates product performance, technical service and technological development to provide our customers with the highest quality and most cost-effective ink and printing products.

  • Water Based Inks
  • Plasticizer Based Inks
  • Solvent Based Inks
  • Additives


This range consists with water based pigment emulsions. aqFarb Range emulsions are highly dispersible in acrylic or polyurethane based inks.



Acrylic, polyurethane, polyvinyl acid or hybrid ink bases. As name implies this is an extremely eco – friendly ink range.


Metier Range

This range consists with acrylic, polyurethane, polyvinyl acid or hybrid based Specialty Inks.


Plastizol Range

Conventional PVC based inks having all the features of Phthalate containing Inks.


Phthalatefree Range

Phthalate plasticizer based PVC inks. This range is more environment friendly in nature when compared with conventional phthalate containing plastisol inks.


Vinylo Range

Ready to print polyvinylchloride based inks in different colours including pastel, process, fluorescent & pearl colours.


Synerget Range

Antler additives comprised with different type of product categories, including; printing ink performance improvers, process modifiers, special effect supplements, cross linkers etc.